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Ensure Liquidity, Solvency, Regulate and Supervise.

Providing measures to protect the interests of consumers of financial services, to prevent systemic risk to the financial system, to provide sufficient scope for market forces to operate in the field of financial services, and to protect the reputation of the Republic in the international financial community, and establishing rules for the licensing, supervision and regulation of financial institutions.




Protecting and ensuring the integrity of, and confidence in, the Financial Sector of the Republic of Palau.


Core Values:

  • We conduct ourselves with integrity and maintain our independence to ensure our credibility is not at risk.
  • We are ethical, fair, and respectful in all that we do.
  • We communicate openly, honestly, and with good intent among ourselves and with those we serve.
  • We continue to establish and maintain effective relationships with all relevant stakeholders/partners and agencies.
  • We provide an environment for learning and growth so we are regarded as subject matter experts in financial sector issues and matters.
  • We are proactive in our approach to development within the financial sector and the impact on Palau’s economy.



The mission of the Financial Institutions Commission (FIC) is to establish and maintain a financial regulatory and supervisory system for the Republic of Palau, consistent with international standards, which promotes a stable banking and financial sector that facilitates economic growth and development within the Republic of Palau.


Message from the Executive Commissioner:


Executive Commissioner Semdiu DecherongAlii!

Welcome to the official website of the Republic of Palau Financial Institutions Commission (FIC or the Commission). The FIC is responsible for the oversight, supervision and regulation of the Republic of Palau’s financial sector. As the Executive Commissioner I am tasked with ensuring that all rules and regulations promulgated in the Financial Institutions Act of 2001, as amended, are abided by and maintained. At present, we monitor and regulate seven banks in Palau and are in the process of developing regulatory policies pertaining to other types of financial institutions as defined in the Financial Institutions Act.


The Financial Institutions Act (the Act) was approved by then President Tommy E. Remengesau, Jr., and came into effect on June 19, 2001 and was strengthened by subsequent amendments in August 2007. The following year, in July 2008, a series of Prudential and Administrative regulations were duly approved by the FIC Governing Board. The Act and the FIC Regulations have greatly enhanced the Commission’s ability to effectively and efficiently monitor the financial sector’s performance and enforce those requirements established in the amended Financial Institutions Act.


The FIC was established and operates as an independent agency. It is overseen by a Governing Board that functions as a policymaking body, and managed by myself as the Executive Commissioner. In addition, we currently have one Bank Examiner and an Administrative Officer who assist in the day-to-day operation of the office.


The official website for the FIC contains information helpful for banks and financialinstitutions, as well as general information that will assist in educating interested businesses and individuals with regards to the duties, functions and operations of the Commission. Our aim is to provide as much information to the public as deemed appropriate and to utilize the World Wide Web as an effective mode of communication and publication for the purposes of our reporting and dissemination requirements.


Contact us for any inquiries you may have or any comments you may wish to offer.


Have a wonderful day!


G. Semdiu Decherong
Executive Commissioner